Love can be found anywhere.

"Thank Naminé."

SO busy with school.. like SO busy. That’s why i’m not on as much as before.. but got to get working!

KH TRIOS  Sora + Kairi + Riku

Instead of 1000 miles away from each other now we’re about 100 miles away from each other xD Instead of being States away now we’re 2 1/2hrs away ;u;

We’re closer now! :D

Instead of being states away we are now 2 hours away!!!

I’m also going to the school I originally wanted to go to while still in Highschool! and its in Florida which is 2hours away from Aaron c:

I start my first class today and I’m super excited to start! and i’m also excited for when Aaron can come visit! C:

Still in a LDR but at least we’re closer now lol. x3 SO EXCITED!


Goat Simulator 1st Alpha Gameplay (by CoffeeStainStudios)


Where do i play this -.-

❝---- I'll come back for you...


i feel like people can’t actually hate daft punk i mean have you ever seen them in the media or in public or doing anything bad no they’re just adorable little robots who make music with their greatest inspirations and they’ve been friends forever and i feel like there’s no way to not be at least content with them